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Sue isn't just leading that Taskforce, Sue Storm is the new director of SHIELD. As for Namor, Sue probably knows he's not with the Illuminati anymore.

well i can say for sure that i did NOT know she was the new director…. learn something every day, right?

So lets talk, for just one second, about the seriousness of these screenshots.

1st: Thor is now unworthy, this is no secret, but i haven’t seen him behave so negatively in a LONG time, he is seriously hurt by the fact that he can no longer wield mjolnir! On top of that, Mjolnir is what allowed him to fly, SO in order to disconnect himself and get this far away from everyone, he has put in an honest effort to climb this mountain of seclusion on foot, something he hasn’t had to do in YEARS. And now the obvious, he’s missing his freaking arm, this isn’t some kind of Asgardian armour plating, HE LOST HIS ARM!!! WHAT THE HECK MAN!

2. I just included this snap to show how hardcore everyone looks in black… moving on.

3.Okay so here’s something new, Hank Pym and Captain Britain are part of the illuminati, and WAIT HOLD UP, SUE STORM IS THE ONE LEADING THE TASK FORCE ON HUNTING THEM?! Thats unsettling… BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE, “Where are Iron man, Hulk, Ant Man, Captain Britain, Dr. Strange, The Beast, T’challa, Black Bolt, and Mr. Fantastic?” Okay, fair questions, but ummmm, aren’t we missing someone Sue? SHE DIDNT MENTION NAMOR!!! NOBODY MENTIONED NAMOR!!! SO either they don’t know what he’s up to, OR they have him already, which is SUPER unlikely considering, you know, THANOS…